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Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.


*says i dont care* *actually does tho*

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So examining my minimal personal experience of relationships, I have found that most nearly every man I have met has been the one until he has proven to not be the one.

Isn’t that how they all are, though? Before you were madly in love, couldn’t sleep, eat, didn’t want to do anything but be with them, hear them, love them.

Until that stops. Maybe they stop, and you hurt. Or you stop and they hurt. But at some point you must have thought to yourself: this is the one. If not, why the fuck were you truly dating them other than the selfish reasons: sex, money, someone to be there, etc.

Now mindful that not every relationship is like this. But I’m talking about the serious ones. The real ones. The ones that you are truly committed to. The ones that you had given your entire heart, mind, and body to. Those relationships. That bond and love shared. Why does it end?

I have always believed in true love. Love should conquer all. If it doesn’t, then is/was it really love?

My somewhat ex boyfriend was able to shut himself off immediately when we broke up. He disconnected his mind from the matter so quickly there was not a glimmer of compassion left for me in his heart. He knew I was heartbroken he said. He said he loved me too much to put me through what he went through when he had his heartbroken from his first love. He didn’t want me to think anything was wrong with me, he said I was perfect, this was his problem. He actually fucking said the asswipe words it’s not you it’s me the fucking carbon. He said he cared about me, but this is what was best. And then he was gone. (figuratively speaking, he’s still here but it all leads me to wonder….)

Can our love conquer this shit situation we are in right now?

So there is two ways this could go, 1) we get back together when we can and develop a normal relationship. 2) we break up forever.

Let us examine route 2…….

if we do breakup forever, why didn’t our love conquer?

my love is ready to fight, my love is ready to conquer, so why isn’t all love? why does it become too much to fight for? what causes this loss that many healthy relationships experience?

if we can get over circumstances, fight through them, go long distance, stay faithful, devote our entire hearts to people,

then why does love ever fail?

or does it not?

are these the relationships that make it to the grave?

or the ones that end in divorce after so many years of struggling, trying, waiting.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see.